Hog Roasts

C W Pearce Catering are hog roasts specialists and have vast experience in catering for parties from 50 to 400 guests. We can either just supply the hog, the hog with a selection of sauces & rolls or we can be on-site during the party and cook the hog ourselves. Prices start from as little as £200, please give us a call with your requirements and we can talk about what we can do for you.


Our gourmet beef steaks are all grass-fed and naturally reared for the finest flavour. All our beef steaks are traditionally matured too, to bring out the taste and tenderness, and hand cut and trimmed to a very high standard, so you get more meat for your money.

Minced Meat

You'll taste the difference when you use our prime minced beef in your recipes. Prepared from off-cuts of our own grass-fed, naturally reared beef steaks and roasts, you simply can't beat the quality of our minced steak.


Our burgers are made in-house under the supervision of our head butcher. They're prepared from 100% prime naturally reared meat - the off-cuts from our own gourmet steaks and roasting joints - with nothing else added, not even salt or pepper. We recommend you season them to your liking, just before cooking.


All our lamb is grass-fed and naturally reared for the finest flavour - we guarantee you've never tasted better lamb. Here you'll find a variety of our best-selling lamb cuts, which we've brough to gether for your convenience.


Our pork is all traditionally reared by farmers who care about their animals, and carefully selected for the best flavour and succulence. What's more, it's all 'Freedom Food' accredited by the RSPCA - your garantee that the animals have been treated with care and respect. These are some of our best-selling pork cuts, brought together here for your convenience.


We only use the finest ingredients in our delicious gourmet sausages, like prime naturally reared meat, a dash of seasoning, and natural skins. We stock a variety of tasty traditional sausages, as well as delicious Swiss sausages - great for when you fancy a change.


Our chickens are reared in total freedom. This freedom to roam, and their natural non-gm diet gives them fantastic flavour and a well-toned bite - just like chicken used to taste.


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Posted on Friday 18th April, 2014